Tips For You

Tips For You

We, At Sree Gold Interior Provide You Some Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Kitchen Which Saves Time And Money

Maintaining modular kitchens involves maintaining four main parts:

Counterops :

Especially if you are going kitchen counter top as Korian top, Technistone or wood don’t forget these points

  • Do not chop your vegetables on the counter without proper veg cutting boards
  • If your counter tops stained wipe out with damp cloth and clean it immediately.
  • Use hot pot stand to keep hot vessels on the countertop instead of directly keeping on it.

For dado tile & floor :

  • Use mild detergent for cleaning. Avoid bleach and acid based products.
  • Clean at least every week to avoid permanent staining of tile.
  • Have a throw rug on the floor or if you have ceramic tiles installed, use a soft broom or brush to remove the dust from the floor.

Kitchen cabinet shutters :

  • Have the kitchen cabinets/shutters surfaces clean and tidy.
  • Do not allow water or stain to stay on cabinets/shutters surfaces.
  • Use a dry cloth for cleaning wooden cabinet shutters and mild soap for laminate and glass ones.
  • Place all the appliances away from the cabinet doors to prevent their swelling.
  • Don’t use sharp items or knife to remove the stain from shutter or cabinet.
  • Don’t use acid based products for stain removing, spray Colin slightly and wipe out with clean damp cloth.

Electrical appliances :

  • Do not use the appliances near to the water area.
  • Defrost and clean microwave and Ovens regularly.
  • Use gas leak detector for safety.